• Inedia

    The inedia diet is based on plant-based foods, mainly including fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Some people may choose to practice inedia for religious, ethical or health reasons. While inedia has its supporters, some worry that such diets may lead to nutritional de...
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  • Why Choose Kettlebell Exercise

    Why Choose Kettlebell Exercise

    Kettlebell exercise has been gaining popularity over the years due to its effectiveness in building muscle strength, improving overall fitness, and providing a full-body workout experience. When you choose kettlebell exercise, you are choosing to take your fitness journey to a whole new level. If...
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  • Kettlebell, make training more effective Short product description

    Product title: Kettlebell, make training more effective Short product description: Kettlebells are made of high-quality cast iron, with frosted treatment, comfortable to the touch, with a variety of weights to choose from, and can be used for a variety of training to help you quickly improve your...
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  • Health club

    In recent news, the fitness industry continues to flourish despite the pandemic, with gym closures leading to a surge in at-home workouts. One of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment as of late is the dumbbell, a versatile weight that can be used for a variety of exercises to help build ...
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  • How to use hexagonal dumbbells?

    Hexagonal dumbbells, also known as hex dumbbells, are a type of dumbbell with a hexagonal-shaped head. This shape is designed to prevent the dumbbells from rolling when they are placed on the ground. To use hexagonal dumbbells, follow these steps: Select the appropriate weight for your fitn...
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  • How can you use dumbbells to build strength?

    Dumbbells are designed to be held in one or both hands while you perform various resistance training exercises. For instance, you can hold a set of dumbbells at your sides while performing walking lunges, or you can hold a single dumbbell overhead to perform overhead triceps dumbbell extensions. ...
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  • How we chose the best dumbbells

    How we chose the best dumbbells

    We took the following into consideration when selecting these dumbbells: Anecdotal advice from real personal trainers. These dumbbells were selected by certified personal trainers who have experience using different kinds of dumbbells. Shape, grip, and ease of use. Some shapes and grip types ar...
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  • Dumbbell Leg Workouts You Can Do in Your Living Room

    If you don’t want to travel long distances to the gym, you can definitely do a great strength training session at home.In fact, this dumbbell leg workout proves that you don’t need a ton of equipment or space to really work your lower body. “People think that your workouts will ...
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  • What effect does exercise dumbbell have on enhancing sexual function

    What effect does exercise dumbbell have on enhancing sexual function

    1. What effect does exercise dumbbell have on enhancing sexual function Dumbbell squat was once considered the first choice for men’s fitness. When practicing dumbbell squatting, it can promote the secretion of androgen and is very effective in enhancing male sexual function. 2. What effec...
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  • Weight plate

    Weight plate

    This is a column by Morgan Campbell, who writes opinions for CBC sports. For more information on the comments section of CBC, refer to the FAQ. So far, we haven’t seen the photos side by side. The photos were posted on twitter last week by Ali Kershner, the performance coach of the Stanford...
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  • The difference between dumbbell squat and barbell squat

    The difference between dumbbell squat and barbell squat

      With the progress of society, people’s aesthetic concept is also changing. For a long time, the aesthetic standard of taking thin as beauty has been rampant. Gradually, people no longer pursue excessive weight loss, but pay more attention to health. Question. Nowadays, fitness is be...
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